Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hands Off

My regular pilgrimage to Nasty Gal uncovered this dress... at first I only saw the top half, and thought to myself, "super cute!" Only to discover crazy handprints all over the body. But it's kind of growing on me for some reason, with its nostalgic throwback to the 80s or 90s -- not in silhouette, although the sheer bit and skintight fit are very 80s indeed -- but because every child of that era grew up with a Hypercolor T-shirt, and was ergo victimized by fawning compatriots attempting to brand the garment with a handprint. That probably wouldn't fly nowadays with sexual harassment suits and pedophilia and whatnot. If you think about it, the whole concept of Hypercolor was kind of... er... whack, to begin with (to borrow decade-appropriate slang). It's all fun and games until you have two glowing patches under your armpits, or worse yet... around the crotch.

But if that's your schtick, and you don't want to scour eBay for used Hypercolor tees, then maybe a handprint on the ass is your next best bet. A little Dree Hemingway styling never hurt either.

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