Monday, April 26, 2010

Some Like It Hot

If you've ever travelled to the Royal Garden's Greenery for the dinner buffet, or if you've even walked past it while dining at one of the other outlets, you'll know what kind of scene to expect there. It's a madhouse of typical Hongkongers jostling and vying for the last lobster thermidor, applying that most mannerly of etiquette -- by which I mean hovering by the empty lobster tray, poised ready to spring, empty plate in hand, when the crustaceans appear from the kitchen doorway... Then again, I wouldn't have it any other way. What you find annoying now when you return lobster-less to your table is endearing when overseas, you can instantly recognize any Hong Kong hometown-er by the way they tackle a buffet line.

But will they apply the same stealth and dedication to the Hot 'n Spicy buffet special at the Greenery now? At HK$443-473 a head, you can feast on grilled king prawns with seared US 1855 beef (per person), poached seafood, stir-fried crab with black pepper sauce, stir-fried eel with Szechuan pepper, beef Rendang, as well as counters purveying Japanese robatayaki, Indian delicacies, Malaysian satay and delicious seafood. In keeping with the spicy sensations, desserts will include curry lemon cream caramel, peppered chocolate cream with marinated strawberry and ginger flavoured panna cotta. Make your reservations at (852) 2733 2030.

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