Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On the Move

So the iPad is finally out and the early adopters are all eager to test it. Personally, I haven’t decided if I’m pro or against the iPad. What I am interested in knowing is how businesses will take marketing forward using new technology. (Must be the PR Geek in me.) Earlier, I wrote about how the Langham Hotel was offering guests an iPod guided tour to their Chinese contemporary art which the hotel boasts as being the first in the world. Hot on the heels of this comes the news of InterContinental Hong Kong equipping its Concierge teams with iPads.

I’d be interested in seeing how the InterContinental will utilise the iPad’s functionality to compliment guests’ experiences. One question I have would be with regards to mobility. After all, a key selling point of the iPad is the fact that you can take it wherever you go much like a netbook. If the iPad is stationed at a concierge desk much like any desktop or laptop, what would be the point? (Besides the cool factor of being the first to utilize the iPad and generating buzz about it.)

Thankfully, the InterContinental realizes that and won’t be underutilizing the iPad’s functionality. They’ve already downloaded a ton of apps for the iPad such as the Hong Kong 720º by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. In addition, videos of the concierge team’s top local recommendations will loaded onto the gadget as well. Of course, it’s early days yet and I’m sure the InterContinental will be coming up with more uses for the iPad. What do you think would be some cool uses for the iPad in a hotel concierge service?

Image caption: InterContinental Hong Kong Chief Concierge Louis Baleros with the iPad

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