Tuesday, October 16, 2012

O Face

The girls at Plug were kind enough to take me out to lunch a couple of weeks ago and we decided to check out "Oolaa Sushi" in between Oolaa and Yardbird on Bridges Street. Except that it wasn't called Oolaa Sushi at all... but Sushi O. O well. It's a pretty genius idea, capitalizing on the fact that folks who lose patience waiting for tables at Yardbird will inevitably end up trickling over to the other restaurants on Bridges -- and if going from yakitori to Oolaa is a bit of a stretch, now there's sushi instead.

Sushi-wise, it's obviously not an authentic Jiro-type joint. But it's what I'd call solid expat sushi -- the kind you'd find in hip American cities frequented by wannabe Sex and the City types. And to be honest, I totally don't mind that kind of food, as long as it's not pretentious or really overpriced. They do decent Nobu-ish new-style sashimi (digging the jalapeno kingfish) and random dishes like prawn shu mai, pictured below, which is just shrimp wrapped in noodle-wrappers. Bizarrely tasty and addictive. Something to keep in mind the next time you decide you want a seat and some sushi instead of yakitori and a yards-long line. More piccies after the cut.

Call 2480 0009 for ressies.

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