Thursday, October 11, 2012

Man Wah Crab Fest

I have a love hate relationship with crabs. I love the roe and feel that it’s utterly delish but on the other hand, I find the opportunity cost of deshelling the crab to be much higher than the return. As such, every year, I only indulge during hairy crab festival (and the occasional crab cakes when my mum is sweet enough to spend hours deshelling the meat for me. Yes I’m a spoilt brat, sue me.) So of course, when Man Wah kindly invited me to go for a preview of their Shanghai hairy crab special menu that will launch between Oct 27 and Nov 4, I leapt at the chance. For the uninitiated, the Man Wah special hairy crab menu boasts of various Shanghainese dishes and the crabs are from Cheng Long Hang Crab Palace Restaurant’s private crab farm at Lake Tai Hu, in Jiangsu Province near Shanghai. In addition, two restaurant supervisors from Cheng Long Hang Crab Palace Restaurant will be at Man Wah to help deshell the crab in front of guests in less than 3 minutes.

When I previewed the menu, there was a wealth of dishes that left us stuffed to the brim. Rather than posting images of every single dish, I’m just going showcase the images of the ones that were particularly memorable.

We started with the Shanghainese style pulled marinated chicken, shanghai style smoked fish with five spices, crispy mushroom julienne and Chinese wine marinated crab. I hear from my fellow foodie bloggers that the marinated crab was really good so definitely try that, I unfortunately, am allergic to raw shellfish so had to give it a pass.

My favourite of the night was the crabmeat served on a crispy shell followed by the braised Shanghainese cabbage with crabmeat as a close second.

Other dishes included stir fried hairy crab, rice cake with salted fish, poached baby garden greens, tomato, wood fungus in a crab broth, prmier crab roe with steamed rice and finally a lovely twist on the Shanghai breakfast in the form of a dessert whereby there was soy milk ice cream with Chinese fritters paired with deep fried sticky rice cake with picked vegetables and pork floss.

Prices will start from HKD558 per person for a six-course lunch menu.

See the menus below:

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