Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Little Miss Stella Capsule Collection

We don't normally write much about kid's collections, mostly coz Christina hates babies and I didn't have any babies to buy clothes for. But now I'm scarily at the age where all my peers are not only getting married but starting to pop out kids and I suddenly find a renewed interest in children's wear since I'm frantically trying to find things to buy when I visit new parents. So I was ecstatic when I discovered that Stella McCartney is launching a capsule collection featuring Little Miss Stella! Sidenote, I loved the Little Men and Little Miss books as a kid but now that I'm older I always wonder how Mr Strong didn't die from high cholesterol from eating so many eggs a day.

So, Little Miss Stella is actually based on Stella McCartney and was produced in a limited edition as fashion show invitations back in 2006. In the storybook, Little Miss Stella meets Little Miss Nobody keeps bumping into people because nobody notices her. Little Miss Stella works all night to create her a bespoke suit and transforms Little Miss Nobody into “somebody”.

Onto the capsule collection, it consists of 7 pieces including t-shirt, sweatshirt, pajamas, bag and baby all-in-one. Price ranged from HKD390 to HKD890 and is now available at Stella McCartney boutique in The Landmark, Central.

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