Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fab Fabitoria

Digital techniques have really revolutionized the way we are able to use prints in fashion nowadays. Gone are the days when printed dresses meant Laura Ashley florals or weird plaids and paisleys -- and hallelujah for that. The prevalence and ease of using digital prints means that you can even find cool concoctions on Etsy (as well as, of course, Geek favourites like We Are Handsome or Black Milk Clothing). Check out these cool miniskirts from Fabitoria, designed by a pair of Taiwanese girls named Fabiana and Victoria, which can be worn front-to- back or back-to-front, and cost only a fraction of what this season's Mary Katrantzou or Basso & Brooke would set you back. If they assign just a teensy bit more budget to their lookbook shoot, this label could be a real winner!

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