Monday, November 28, 2011

Red Alert

Some girls look really damn good in their no-makeup makeup. Asian girls do not. Ergo, I do not. Been surfing Into the Gloss for perfect specimens of the perfect red lipstick… and then spent a couple of hours during a layover at Bangkok airport testing every red lipstick available at the counters. I prefer shopping for makeup at airports because there aren’t annoying over-attentive salespeople there to cloud your mind with their marketing-training-speak. So far all the reds are too bright red, and all the dark reds are too plum. My ultimate hue is somewhere in between. So I compromise with a mix – Nars Damned never-budges Velvet Matte fatty lip pencil, topped with Nars Vesuvio Pure Matte lipstick.

Images: Into the Gloss

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