Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lulu Lala...

The minute the temperature begins to drop, I know it's time for crabs. Being the lazy fool that I am, I have neither the patience nor the skill to navigate a crab in shell -- my dish of choice is crab with tofu, bubbling in a clay pot all ready to warm the tummy and satiate the soul. Lots of Shanghainese restaurants serve this, but my favourite is right near my house in the basement of the somewhat ghetto South Pacific hotel. Lulu Shanghai Restaurant is the only Hong Kong branch of a chain originating in Shanghai, and though it doesn't quite measure up to the one on home turf, it's good enough for me.

The rest of the food porn is after the cut -- including deep-fried "yellow fish" (I don't know what the official English name is), anything that you get to wrap in a pancake, plus the unmissable Shanghainese dimsum bites. Skip the xiao long bao, it's nothing to write home about here (wait till you go to Din Tai Fung instead) but everything else is worthy, from scallion pancakes to fried "wor teep" dumplings or fried buns. Oh, and if you're a carb freak like I am, then nothing hits the crab-plus-carbs spot like a hot bowl of veggie rice.

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