Monday, June 10, 2013

Organic Glam, that OG Kush

In Hong Kong we aren't trained to think about organic anything, until you grow up and start hearing about bird flu and mad cow and rats in China passed off as lambs and poisoned vegetables and just about everything else you see in newspapers these days (which is precisely why I avoid watching and reading the news, it takes the enjoyment out of life and blissful ignorance.) So fine, we start buying the veg from city'super, even though it's three times more expensive. And we buy the frozen chicken wings that haven't been injected with crazy growth hormones, even though they're 30 times more expensive.

But then we put on our lovely skincare products and makeup daily without thinking about what's seeping into our skin. And I was shocked when I got a press release about The Organic Pharmacy's makeup brand, Organic Glam. Because it informed me that we eat FIVE POUNDS of lipstick in our lifetime. And lipstick is basically just wax and colour, right? I mean, I rinse my instant noodles and boil new water just to make soup because I don't want to eat the plasticky stuff that coats the ramen. But as a lipstick obsessive, I eat toxic lip formula almost EVERY DAY.

So, I plan to be switching to organic. Despite the fact that there's never any proof or legal definition of organic for beauty labels, I figure a company that at least claims to be organic has gotta be doing better things for me than one that isn't even bothering to pretend, right? OG doesn't claim to be all healing, either, it's just a lot better than others, and the product range stretches from foundation to nail polish.

And since The Organic Pharmacy is already one of my favorite skincare brands, why not start checking out the makeup too? Products for review are coming my way soon, so expect a review shortly!

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