Monday, June 3, 2013

Craving Catalunya

Just an observation, but literally everyone I have spoken to has loved Catalunya. Even Yardbird can't touch that, because I do know a few people who think it's either overhyped or overpriced. Anyway, I'm a lover of both, but I've found myself at Catalunya three times already in the month and a half since it opened -- and the fact that it's situated right next to my house doesn't hurt the idea of returning more (hint: can't get a reservation? Show up and eat at the bar, which serves all of the tapas options, so pretty much half the menu).

Go, get the sucking pig, the tomato tartare (what? it's not beef?), the croquetas (what? there's no potato in that?), the bikini (okay, just a grilled ham and cheese but with TRUFFLE) and the other Spanish tortilla (what? they used to serve this at elBulli? Cool.) The torrija is the must-get for dessert. I haven't had them yet, but the prawns are meant to be excellent (although expensive), make sure you get your money's worth by sucking on those heads!

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