Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Geek Spy: Custom Signature Necklace

Forget those generic name necklaces, now you can have a pendant of your signature. Of course, this is dependent on the fact that you have a nice signature to begin with. My brother always says the V in my signature looks like cockroach antennas. Given that I now squiggle my signature, I don’t think my custom signature pendant would look nice. I’ve always love seeing other people’s grown up signatures. I still recall back in the day trying to come up with a cool signature that I thought would best represent me and hating that my initials were VN and not being conductive to a great signature. What do you think? Would you want a custom signature pendant?

Available at http://www.brevityjewelry.com/signature/signature.html

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  1. Also won't people steal your checks and then forge your siggie?

  2. haha I actually thought about then, then realise it's not a problem for me coz I don't have a checking account. (Btw I find it sad that we have to resort to our blog to communicate with each other haha)