Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Geek TV Picks

With all this rain that's coming down on us, I figured some people might be looking at getting into some new shows... so here's what I'm watching, please don't judge me. Also waiting a couple of weeks so I can watch a few True Blood S6 epis all at once, and just downloaded the latest season of Community as well. What are you guys watching?

What I'm watching: Arrow S1
What it's about: Rich kid gets stranded on a desert island, morphs into vigilante superhero, takes down dead dad's enemies.
Watch it if: You would like to see a stocky pretty-good-looking guy topless and/or shooting arrows and saving the city in dubiously effective ways. Lots of secret-society stuff. Low-rent Batman-ish.
Don't watch it if: You cringe at over-dramatic dialogue or prefer your topless men to look more like swimmers than rugby players.

What I'm watching: Elementary S1

What it's about: Sherlock Holmes in modern-day New York. Still British, but now more like Monk (complete with female keeper-slash-sidekick. Joan Watson, get it? Watson's a girl, but she's also Chinese and Lucy Liu, go figure.) A post-rehab, better-looking Monk.
Watch it if: You like watching shows about murder cases that would technically be unsolvable were it not for a neurotic police consultant who notices things nobody could possibly notice.
Don't watch it if: You liked Monk. Jonny Lee Miller is not Monk. Also if you find Lucy Liu annoying. Even Sherlock Holmes finds Lucy Liu annoying.

What I'm watching: 2 Broke Girls S2
What it's about: Two broke girls, a little guy, an old guy, a perverted guy and a weird woman. With plenty of low-brow laughs and racial slurs, but also surprisingly good chemistry and charm.
Watch it if: You like dumb jokes about big boobs, blondes and short people. And sex and being poor.
Don't watch it if: You like to pretend to have a brain or be in any way intellectual. Or watch it, and then pretend you don't.

What I'm watching: America's Next Top Model S19
What it's about: Pretty girls who think that winning this competition will change their lives -- it will, it means no one will ever take you seriously as a model ever.
Watch it if: You're on four Cathay Pacific long-haul flights this month. Or you have low body-image self-esteem and want to prove that skinny and pretty girls are stupid anyway, you're better off the way you are.
Don't watch it if: You're a normal person with a life, who hasn't been on four Cathay long-hauls.

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