Monday, November 24, 2014

Review: Hof & Soju

My friends and I were craving Korean Fried Chicken the other day and decided to check out Hof & Soju given that they had opened a Causeway Bay a few months ago. We ventured over on a Monday night at 7pm and it was virtually empty making me a tad worried about the food. We decided to give it a go anyway as the TST branch consistently has long lines. The good thing was, the chicken didn't disappoint. We ordered a mix platter of original flavour and sweet & spicy along with an order of soondae (a stuffed sausage that was made out of pig's intestines.) Be forewarned that the platter of chicken was quite large and between three of us, we weren't able to finish the two dishes. The restaurant also has a 1.5 hour time limit (which didn't make sense at first but we soon saw the restaurant fill up quite quickly.) The soondae was a bit too mushy for my taste, so we probably wouldn't revisit for that but we did say we wouldn't mind going back to try the other flavours. One dish I was intrigued by was the silkworm soup, however my companions were a bit squeamish and forbade me from ordering it. Perhaps next time! Dinner for the three of us came to HK$420 where we ordered a small bottle of soju, the mix platter and soondae.

Hof & Soju
Shop C, G/F, Wah Fat Mansion, 405-419 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai

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