Monday, February 10, 2014

Attempting to be Super Creative

hkLifestyleGeek visits Mira Moon's Super Giant

Boutique hotel Mira Moon opened a few months ago and is fast becoming known for its quirky designs based on the Mid-Autumn theme of Chang-e and the Jade Rabbit. Look out for hints of the rabbit from the lobby to the no-smoking signs -- "Good rabbits don't smoke. Bad rabbits pay HK$1,500", while the use of tiles to create a mosaic look is impressive. And to match the funky interior is a tapas bar called Super Giant that offers Spanish-Chinese dishes thanks to the creative partnership of chefs Guillermo Delavault and Bow Tse.

The bar/restaurant has a lively area out front, but for those wanting a more intimate space can dine in a nook area that's quiet and well attended to. There's a variety of drinks to start, particularly the cocktails, like Chang-e (Ketel One vodka, raspberry, blueberry, cassis and cranberry, HK$90), and a Geisha's Kiss (sake, orange juice, grapefruit, lime and rose syrup, HK$90). Each individual drink has a lavish presentation that even includes a fake patch of grass for Pepino (Bombay Gin, mint, pineapple and cucumber, HK$90).

While the tapas menu is limited, the portions are generous and encourages sharing. The duck cigar Havana style (HK$75) is basically a spring roll stuffed with smoked duck meat and made to look like cigars complete with cigar rings and served in a wooden cigar box.

These rolls were delicious, hearty but not too heavy, crunchy on the outside and soft inside. We enjoyed the smoky flavour of the duck.

Typhoon shelter garlic frog legs (HK$90) were served on a bed of croutons perhaps to soak up the oil, but were redundant. The frog meat itself was delicious, though not very garlicky.

We were intrigued by the Chinese waffle with Serrano ham (HK$70) and theoretically it should work, the sweetness of the egg waffle combined with the saltiness of the ham. However, here the batter from the waffle is thick, more like wholewheat, and isn't that sweet so it doesn't meet expectations.

Nevertheless, the crispy slow-cooked suckling pig for two ($380) is generous for three people, and comes sliced up with roast potatoes and vegetables. The roast pig is very good, crunchy and tender all at once, not too salty and filling.

Unfortunately the dessert options aren't very creative -- a Valrhona chocolate fondant or tropical fruit platter (both HK$75), but the former is delicious anyway. One would have thought there would be even more creative fusion in the desserts, or perhaps it's a work in progress at the moment.

In any event Super Giant gets marks for trying, but it will need to expand its menu to keep intrigued diners coming back for more.

Super Giant
3/F, Mira Moon
388 Jaffe Road
Wan Chai
2643 8888

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