Monday, July 30, 2012

Wear & Share: Dog Day Afternoon

I need a new lens. But instead I got a new dog; it was cheaper, though probably not in the long run. Speaking of long runs, we took the pups (in triplicate now, two corgis and a chihuahua guest) to Whiskers & Paws so they could run around, expend some energy, and not wake up so early on Sunday morning. Mama needs her beauty sleep.

Woofy Harrelson picked up a new food bowl, the infamous Kong toy, some training snacks and a waterproof bone-shaped stuffed toy, to replace the ones he mangled upon arrival. I picked up a plaid Etoile Isabel Marant shkirt (see definition here).

Foxy Brown, you may note in the photos below, has a new and rather nautical outfit going on these days. I think sailor chic is a bit last season, but she's still rockin' the look real good.

I, on the other hand, have my own uniform for Sundays: leather shorts and floral sneakers. Leather is pretty much a mainstay in my wardrobe; it's not very practical but it certainly makes you feel good. Must learn not to stroke self in public, however. These particular reworked leather running shorts are from a vintage store in Amsterdam; the sneaks are from some random stall in Albert Cuyp market and we had to rifle through quite a few pairs to find ones not inexplicably stained with coffee (or some other brown substance, I shudder to consider).

As for the rest of the outfit:

Wifebeater: Hanes
Buster: Pencey
Sunnies: Costume National
Necklace: apm Monaco, which I love but keeps shifting askew

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