Wednesday, July 4, 2012

DIY Arm Candy

If you follow me on Instagram (hkfashiongeek) you've probably noticed that I've been obsessed with making various bracelets. People have been asking for tutorials but being the lazy Geek I am, rather than doing the steps one by one, I'm going to link to the tutorials that I followed. (Besides being lazy, I also believe in giving credit where it's due and it really isn't an original DIY that I did so clickthrough and give one of my favourite sites some love!) All supplies were bought at Sham Shui Po along Yu Chau Street and I made some adjustments to create a slightly different look to the rhinestone bracelet where I did multiple wrappings instead of single strand. Surprisingly I've gotten quite a few orders for the rhinestone bracelets from friends who want to purchase it. I suspect it's because something very similar is available for sale at Lane Crawford where a single strand is HK$495. Rhinestone bracelet tutorial, macrame bracelet tutorial and embellished friendship bracelet tutorial. All from Honestly WTF.

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  1. Bracelets look great, too bad I'm hopeless with DIY.

    I just found out I missed Shanghai Tang sale this year! And by more than a month! I'm mourning!

  2. I love this all bracelets....last bracelets live,love,laugh...i love most.This kind of clever work and exposure! Keep up the terrific works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll.