Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Burt's Bees Wild Recipes

Did everyone have a wonderful New Year's? Here's hoping that 2015 will be a kickass year for you all! One of my resolutions this year is to eat more healthily and to cook at home more so when I saw that Burt's Bees is coming out with a cookbook, I was quite intrigued. Published as a way to raise awareness about the plight of bees, the dishes uses many items that are pollinated by honey bees such as sweet potatoes, nuts, veggies etc and all the proceeds (without deducting cost) will be contributed to the partnership with existing roof top farms for the installation of beehives on commercial buildings to create a thriving bee habitat in Hong Kong. Priced at HK$78, it will be available at Burt Bee's shops and and their counters at department stores in a couple weeks. Sound like just the thing I need to pick up!

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