Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Blossom's Natural Diamond Foot Spa

I was kindly offered a trial of Blossom Nail & Beauty's Natural Diamond Foot Spa experience a couple weeks ago where my feet were pampered by going through a six-step process that was literally dazzling. My feet were feeling a bit abused after all the walking I had done while travelling so it was the perfect way to unwind and give them a treat. The treatment started by soaking my feet in warm water where the technician mixed some diamond spa crystals into the water and advised me to step on the powder mixture. As I agitated the mixture, crystals starting forming creating a beautiful glittering scrub that detoxifies, smoothens and moisturised my feet with witch hazel extract. After about five to ten minutes of stepping, she then added ocean spa crystals which comprises Dead Sea salt into the foam and the crystal dissolves. We then moved on to a sugar scrub before having a mask applied to my feet. After the mask, my feet were massaged with natural glycerin locking in the skin's moisture and finished with a cuticle oil. The whole process can take up to 90 minutes, however I was done in 45 minutes. Definitely a great way to prep your feet for a night out and indulge a little.

Blossom Nail and Beauty
Flat 2B, Keybond Commercial Centre, 38 Ferry Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Priced at HK$360

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