Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Feeding Hong Kong Bread Run

A while ago, a group of us got together to do the Feeding Hong Kong Bread Run which we took as an opportunity to have fried chicken and then visit a couple bread shops (Maxims and Arome Bakery) around the TST and Jordan area. We went to pick up bread that would have been thrown away and instead transport them to Feeding Hong Kong. The bread is then redistributed amongst the Feeding Hong Kong charity network the same night or first thing the following morning. It was super simple and only took us about an hour to collect from four bread shops.

It's astounding the amount of bread that gets thrown out on a daily basis. The night we went, 1461 pieces of bread from 55 stores were picked up and redistributed to 6 charities and this was only one night! There are three ways you can participate, by being a weekly volunteer, signing up for the monthly Bread Runs (which was what we did) or host a dedicated bread run. It's easy peasy and you get to enjoy the happy gooey feeling of having done something for charity with only an hour of your time. Highly recommended. Visit for more details.

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