Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Burger Bomb

hkLifestyleGeek visits The Butchers Club Burgers in Wanchai

The burger scene in Hong Kong just got sizzling hotter with the entrance of The Butchers Club Burgers in Wan Chai. It's near the Burger King just off of Queen's Road East so the fast-food joint definitely has some competition, but you also have to shell out for the privilege. The burgers here start at HK$100, but it's well worth the price if you're a burger connoisseur.

Here the patties are made with 300-day grain-fed certified Australian Angus beef. They use equal parts chuck, rump and brisket and grind them together in house. They are then formed by hand and seasoned with kosher salt, spices and fresh ground pepper before they are fried on the griddle. And when you walk into this small place, you'll see some big hefty white guys wearing nothing but singlets, beards and trucker hats (and yes shorts) in the kitchen making these burgers.

They are not the most attractive aspect of this restaurant, but they know how to make damn good burgers that are topped with mature cheddar cheese, glazed bacon, tomatoes, pickles and onion spread. It takes a big mouth to be able to take a decent bite into this burger, but your tastebuds will thank you.

However, it can be a messy endeavour and when we suggested that perhaps the restaurant could distribute towelettes to wipe hands, one of the owners suggested (with a laugh) that wet wipes were for pussies... The duck fries that are triple deep-fried in duck fat aren't that impressive -- overcooked in fact. And the drinks selection is a bit slim, with the only beer available when we went was Pabst Blue Ribbon...nevertheless if you want to really spice things up, a shot of Jack Daniels Bourbon will set you back HK$50.

And if you're feeling especially adventurous, check out the special menu by scanning the QR code by the door. It's supposed to change regularly, but already two of the four are popular.

For those with big appetites -- and we mean starvation -- then try the Double Happiness, which is double of everything for HK$160, while Wu Tang Style is where the patty is fried in sriracha sauce, topped with cheese, kim chi, kewpie mayo and tempura sweet potato HK$120.

Hungry yet? Just remember to bring your own wet ones...

The Butchers Club Burgers
G/F, Rialto Building
2 Landale Street
Wan Chai
2528 2083

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