Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Minimale Animale

Junk season is upon us (or boat season for non Hongkongers, or yacht season for the rich folks). That means bikini time! Most of the time we stress most about the body -- "I'm not in bikini shape", "I need to lose 12 pounds by next week", "Carbs are the scourge of the earth, but I love them anyway" -- but a good swimsuit has the ability to hide many flaws. Which, in a way, is what makes them so damn hard to shop for, because it needs to do so very much. It needs to expose the good parts and hide the bad ones, while being supportive without squeezing out the muffin top. Blah blah blah. Shopping for swimsuits sucks, end of story. But I guess with the advent of online shopping (and returns), you can now just click click click and buy buy buy. Maybe these nifty Minimale Animale suits. I like the sportiness of them, combined with just that right amount of sex appeal. Only problem is, if you're shopping online, how are you doing enough cardio to fit into the suit? Ah, the Catch 22.

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