Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Simpsons Takeover

I was wondering why there was an influx of The Simpsons collaboration lately not realising that it was the 25th anniversary of the four fingered yellow family. And what I find more remarkable is that I've yet to watch a complete episode of The Simpsons. For those who know what a fan I am of animation and cartoons, you'll know that it's quite odd that I've never been compelled to watch the show. Yet, there was still an aspect of 'ohhhhh' that went off when I saw the MAC collaboration even tho a) I have no desire for yellow makeup (well maybe nail polish but then I've already got pale yellow and neon yellow.) and b) I'm too old for bright blue makeup too.

Then I saw the collaboration with Johnny Cupcakes and for a second, I forgot that it was a t-shirt company as I only saw The Simpsons x cupcakes and got all excited and starting thinking ohh maybe I can make fondant Simpson characters to teach the kids at Spark Studios and completely disregarded the release. (Yes this is my thought process and how I can get easily distracted.) Anyway, seeing as Johnny Cupcake shops are only available in Boston, LA and London, perhaps it was a good thing that my brain went on a tangent hence I'm writing about it now. Anyway, the t-shirts debuts end of this month while the MAC collection comes out in the fall. Stay tuned!

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