Monday, May 26, 2014

Beauty Notes: Maleficent x MAC

Longtime readers of this blog will recall that I’m a big Disney Villains fan going so far as to transcribing the snarky interview that MAC did with Maleficent (my favourite villain) back when they launched the Venomous Villains collection four years ago and squeeing when threadless came up with a villains collection and promptly bought the Maleficent t-shirt. So it was happiness all around when I knew that Disney was doing a Maleficent story (similar to Wicked I presume which is one of my favourite musicals). The icing on the cake was finding out when MAC was doing a collection based on the movie in collaboration with Angelina Jolie’s makeup team.

This time around, the Maleficent x MAC collection is decidedly more grown up and can be used for everyday wear in the business environment. Bold reds and nudes are predominant as well as moody dark palettes of brown. Longtime fans might be disappointed with the lack of colour such as the previous purples, greens, blues but given that I’m now all about practicality (what can I say? I’m getting old!), I find this collection to be just right.

PS One final note, have you heard Lana Del Rey's interpretation of Once Upon a Dream yet? It's so eerily good! Listen to it below.

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