Friday, April 4, 2014

Red Lip, Mascara, Action!

red lips mascara

I think I've pretty narrowed down the amount of make-up a girl needs to wear in order to leave the house looking like she made an effort. I used to think that it was a red lip and well-defined eyeliner but now I'm pretty certain that it's actually just that lip with MASCARA. And if you follow beauty blogs, you'll know that this is because the newest thing on the block is layering mascara -- sweep on some volumizing, add a curling one and then bang on some lengthening formula while you're at it. Bam! Beauty routine done. Arguably using three different mascaras is just as much effort as putting on more other make-up, but I like the simplicity of this idea.

Check out some of our fave red lippies and mascaras!

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