Monday, April 28, 2014

Geek Peek: Marielle Byworth

The lovely Marielle Byworth has recently opened her flagship store MARIJOLI at PMQ, the new heritage site in Sheung Wan. I first encountered Marielle a few years ago when she was doing trunk shows around town and it's exciting to see how she's realised her dream of opening up a flagship in what is sure to be the hotspot of town. Read on to see what fashion item she can't live without, her secret beauty weapon and her most recent Google searches.

HKFG: What fashion item can’t you live without?
MB:Anything La Perla! It makes you feel incredibly feminine.

HKFG: What’s the thing you could live without... but still can’t bear to part with?
MB:My iPhone

HKFG: What’s your favourite thing about Hong Kong?
MB:The fact you can start the morning with sunrise yoga, work and play hard all day in Central, and see the sun set at the beach with your kids. It’s a wonderful city.

HKFG: Your ultimate indulgence food or go-to food when you’re stressing out?
MB:I absolutely love MANA flats (organic flatbread wraps), followed by a wheat grass shot. Eating food that nourishing and healthy is really important to me

HKFG: What was your first big investment purchase?
MB:A Cabriolet Smart Car; it followed me from London all the way to Club 55 in St Tropez during my student era.

HKFG: Name your secret-weapon beauty product.
MB:Dior lipstick in fuchsia

HKFG: What’s your favourite iPhone app?
MB:I’ve just started using a new app called Spottly. It’s very handy to travel with.

HKFG: What were your last five Google searches?
MB: Zen, Cloud, Thesaurus, Jewels by JAR, What Essentials

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