Saturday, December 8, 2012

'Tis the Season: YSL Travel Collection

It's about that time of year when we start suggesting gifts for your girlfriends/family/significant other/fremeny/whatever... And topping our list is this chic, affordable and practical Travel Collection makeup palette from YSL Beaute. Featuring four eyeshadows, two lip colours, one blush and three brushes, it's the perfect gift for the gal on the go, with the entire set encased in a secure palette that's the size of an iPhone 4. Actually, this is the perfect gift for those of you who are traveling so much in December that you don't actually have time to do Christmas shopping, because the product is exclusive to travel-retail outlets, meaning you can buy them at the airport or onboard your flight. From what I understand there are three different colour combos, but you'll notice that a majority of the shades in every palette are super wearable -- so much so that you might yourself keeping this instead of giving it away

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