Sunday, September 9, 2012

Maximizing the Minimal

So New York Fashion Week has kicked off, meaning that the blogging world's street-style superstars are going to start pulling out all the stops to don their craziest threads to one-up each other and satisfy the ravenous appetites of various blogger-photographers, etc.

If it sounds like I'm expressing disdain for this bizarre style safari... I'm not. I love it -- from the classic Tommy Ton-style accessories close-ups to the people-spotting (Hi, Tina!) to the general fashion envy of it all. This round, it's minimal closet staples that I'm feeling: a worn-in white tee or shirt, easy denim and classic pointed pumps, but mixed in with just one show-stopping item. Sort of like, not giving up all your goodies at once, but still giving 'em something to think about.

Much better than buying an oversized floral-print pantsuit and trying to justify it as "good for Fashion Week"! Not naming any names... (Hi, Tina!)

Images: and WWD

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