Monday, September 17, 2012

Cyberport Weekend Market

If you have nothing to do this coming Saturday, be sure to check out the Cyberport Weekend Market which starts again after having had a summer hiatus. (Speaking of which, I'm so ready for my US TV shows to start again. Summer TV is soooo boring. Thank goodness for also being a TVB drama addict.) Anyway there will be over 40 booths offering exotic handicrafts to locally designed creative gadgets to organic vegetables and green products. A highlight of the Cyberport Weekend Market is the urban farming project which allows families to grow their own fruits or vegetables in little crop boxes at the outdoor with expert advice, and harvest the organically-grown food in three months’ time.

There are also other activities for young ones such as Kreative Studio’s Little Super Star Singing Contest and performances, as well as the Creative Upcycling Workshop by reusing discarded items. There will also be family movies in the outdoor cinema where you and lounge at the green lawn. The Cyberport Weekend Market kicks off from 22 September and running until March 2013.

P.S. Stay tuned for next week's write up on Island East Markets, another exciting market that will launch end Sept

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