Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Geek Spy: Miss Marble Jar

It's been ages my lovely ones. After five years of almost daily blogging, I've kind of lost my spark for it and decided to take a break and I'm still not too sure if I'm ready for the daily posts but think this site might transform more into bits and bobs that catches my eye and other musings if I am so inclined. (Wow, check out that run on sentence. It HAS been a while since I've written editorially.) Anyway, what triggered this return? The Miss Marble Jar from Lorenza Bozzoli. As I've gotten older, I'm getting more inclined towards home stuff and less obsessed with fashion (although food is still a priority as evidenced by my IG and FB Page). I just wanted to share and squeee over this beautiful marble jar comprising two different types of marble in a simple elegant form. Wouldn't this be great to put some jewellery, love notes or kitchen spices? Soon to be available at the WallpaperSTORE* for €225

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