Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Beauty Notes: MAC Nail Transformations

Was super excited when I saw the news about MAC’s Nail Transformations polish. Such a simple and brilliant idea; top coats that changes the colour of your polish giving your existing colours new life. In the photo above, the index finger, middle finger and pinky all have the same base colour. I applied the Highlight sheer blue pearl transformer onto the index finger while the middle finger had a top coat of Liquid Pigment sheer gold pearl transformer. As you can see, it’s like having three different shades of polish all from the same base family. Cool eh? One thing I noticed was that the transformers work better with darker shades of polish. I applied the same colours on a pastel pink and the difference was negligible. The collection comprises six different transformers from a texturize clear leather that gives a matte coating to a range of pigments such as blue pearl, pink pearl, green pearl, gold pearl and also a blackening topcoat. Priced at HK$110 a pop. Available at MAC now.

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