Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sponsored Post: Wear & Share with Dinh Van

Not my usually thing -- and by "thing" I mean standing around a jewellery shop styling trinkets and being photographed. So forgive any awkwardness or bad Photoshop. And thanks a mill to Erica "Miss Fong in Hong Kong" Fong who swung by to take these shots (as well as my usual photographer Loretta, who's also the best at saying "don't do that, you look fat" or "how did I never notice how short and stubby your fingers are?")

The reason for this adventure was of course Parisian jeweller Dinh Van, who invited me to swing by and try on some of its wares, and style it with whatever I happened to have thrown on that day. And while fine jewellery also isn't normally my thing, a little while spent stacking rings and trying to sneak off with $480,000 necklaces has converted me somewhat.

As Win from Dinh Van explained to me, the concept behind the jewellery, which is designed by Cartier alum Jean Dinh Van, is to allow men and women to wear discreet jewellery in the way that elevates their style quotient, without having the jewellery wear them. And I get what she means. You want jewellery that's not so iconic, not so recognizable as belonging to a particular brand. You want something that's simple, chic, and YOU.

And so as you'll see, how I wear my Dinh Van can be ultimately so different from how you would. Maybe you wouldn't take four Menottes rings and spread them across both hands (and maybe you wouldn't try that whole punch-you-in-the-face pose either). Maybe you think stackable square rings shouldn't be worn on the top section of your finger. Maybe you like lots of bling, and thin bangles aren't your thing. But that's the beauty of Dinh Van. You can wear it how you want. Hopefully you'll be more graceful at grazing your hand against your neck for your friends to admire, though.

Images: Top four by Loretta Chan, subsequent five by Erica Fong.

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